February 2, 2016 / Press Release


RIVIERA BEACH, FL – OCTOBER 20, 2015— RGF Environmental Group, Inc. an environmental products manufacturer, has introduced their latest product for the HVAC/Indoor Air Quality Industry. The patent-pending BLU QR™ UV-C lamp device was designed with input from the contractors in the field and features our new quick-release replacement lamp system.

The all-new high quality BLU-QR stick light has updated features including our exclusive quick release lamp which allows for no tools lamp replacement. It comes standard with four mounting options in the box, including the easy to install magnetic mount and multiple through plate mounting styles. The BLU QR is available with a one (1) year lamp and two (2) year lamp warranty. The BLU QR is priced very economically and provides UV light disinfection and protection to the AC coil surfaces from bacteria, virus, mold growth and odors. This results in a cleaner and more efficient energy-saving system.

The 24 VAC ballast is designed to be mounted either in the air handler control panel itself or external to the HVAC air handler unit. The UV treatment system utilizes a standard germicidal wavelength lamp for safe dependable disinfection and protection of AC Coil surfaces from bacteria, viruses, mold growth and foul odors, resulting in a cleaner, more energy efficient system. To further treat the conditioned space in the home, office or plant, it is recommended to install the BLU QR™ in conjunction with the new RGF REME HALO™ or Guardian Air QR+™ in-duct purification systems.

According to RGF’s President and CEO Ron Fink, “The system is a new take on the tried and true UV lamp system used to keep microbial growth from fouling HVAC coils. This latest development is in response to our distributors and contractors who sought an affordable yet easier and safer UV product to install and replace”. We as an industry leader in IAQ are constantly seeking feedback from the field when developing new products or improving our current product offering.”

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 30-year history of providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF holds numerous other patents and patents-pending and previously invented the Guardian Air PHI-Cell®(Photohydroionization®) and patent-pending REME-Halo™, both for the HVAC industry. RGF’s Advanced Oxidation Systems are proven and tested to be extremely effective in reducing mold, odors, bacteria and viruses while also being completely safe for occupants. The REME-Halo has the added benefit of reducing particulates. For more information on the new BLU QR™, Guardian Air QR+™ or REME Halo™, email requests@rgf.com.

For additional information, please contact RGF Environmental Group, Inc., 1101 West 13th Street, The Port of Palm Beach Enterprise Zone, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 USA Tel: (561) 848-1826 or (800) 842-7771; Fax (561) 848-9454.