Florida company develops unique coatings for Purifying the Air

December 22, 2015 / Press Release

Florida Company Develops Unique Coatings for Purifying the Air

Riviera Beach, FL – Ron Fink, President of RGF Environmental Group, Inc. has announced that RGF has installed a billboard on its 45-foot container, that not only advertises the company, but also purifies the air. By coating a section of the sides and top with their proprietary, patent-pending advanced oxidation catalyst, the combination of UV light from the sun and the moisture in the air produces an advanced oxidation plasma (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) which oxidizes pollutants present in the air. This concept is currently being used in Japan and Europe on buildings.

van coating

RGF has also applied the new, super PHI catalyst (a new product for 2015) on the roof of their service van. This van is actually purifying the air you breathe. What better way to create good will for your company!

RGF Environmental Group, Inc. has a 30-year history of innovative environmental technologies, design and manufacturing. RGF’s engineering team developed both the proprietary, patented Guardian Air PHI-Cell (Photohydroionization) and Guardian Air REME (Reflective Electromagnetic Energy) specifically for the HVAC industry. These unique IAQ induct systems provide low energy advanced oxidation air purification which have been proven and independently tested to be extremely effective in destroying mold, odors, bacteria, and 88% of an airborne sneeze at three feet, while also being completely safe for occupants. They are also effective against eliminating VOCs, and up to 99% of MRSA, H1N1 and the Norwalk Virus, to name a few. RGF manufactures over 500 products providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals

For additional information, please contact RGF Environmental Group, Inc., 1101 West 13th Street Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 USA Tel: (561) 848-1826 or (800) 842-7771; Fax (561) 848-9454.