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November 11, 2014 / Food, News

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RGF Environmental Photohydroionization® for Meat Processors
“How Does It Work”

RIVIERA BEACH, FL-OCTOBER 22, 2013– Photohydroionization®, PHI for short, is a chemical-free, natural, green and environmentally-friendly advanced oxidation technology which utilizes broad spectrum ultraviolet light rays in conjunction with a catalytic target.

PHI’s UV combined with Advanced Oxidation has consistently outperformed traditional chemical sanitation technology in every field application including beef, chicken, pork, and fish as well as vegetables, grains, fruits, brine and marinades, water and ice. It is a very effective and safe method of pathogen control.

This process of treating all products before they leave the processor’s plant not only provides a low-cost extra level of food safety, but also has resulted in a liability reduction as well as a marketing advantage in promoting “chemical free” products.

The PHI technology has been validated for control of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia Coli O157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus, as well as Mold Yeast and viruses.

So we know the results, but how does it work?

The concept behind PHI is to utilize the efficiency of radiation without the traditional problems associated with penetrating radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays. The effectiveness of PHI treatment is basically the same except it does not penetrate packaging or food surfaces.

This is an advantage when treating ground meats, since most meat contamination is on the surface and the grinding operation mixes any surface contamination throughout the product. Aside from ground products, surface contamination is the main concern of food processors. Whole muscle meat and poultry bacteria contamination is virtually always found on the surface. Meat with microbial contaminants inside the fiber should not make it to the processing facility in the first place.

RGF Environmental Group, the U.S. patent holder for PHI-Cell® Technology, has plans to unveil an innovative PHI Treatment Tunnel-PLUS at the Process Expo in Chicago in November. The new tunnel, designed to be placed at the end of the process line just prior to packaging, or in the case of meat processors, prior to grinding, uniquely provides direct 360-degree surface application on all exposed meat surfaces resulting in 99.9% surface microbial reduction. It provides final, non-chemical, anti-microbial treatment, and protects products from human error or other cross contamination events, which may have occurred during earlier processing.

For a look inside the PHI treatment process, please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpoplFJPvUw

The PHI treatment, unlike chemicals, does not affect the taste or appearance of the product.

The PHI is also available as an air treatment system and is effective at controlling airborne pathogens and for reducing bacteria and mold on food contact surfaces and throughout food plant environments.

For more information on PHI treatment technology and RGF products, please call 561-848-1826.

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