Oil Stop Valves

The AFL OSV works on the principal of specific gravity, any fluid below .95 specific gravity will cause the float to seat, preventing the hydrocarbons from leaving the basin. The OSV has only one mechanical moving part, which requires no human interaction in the event of a hydrocarbon spill to close.

AFL was the original inventor of the OSV and has been producing them for 40+ years. We construct these valves, start to finish, out of our facility in Riviera Beach, Florida.

No, these valves are made to last a long time, provided they are maintained properly. The only time the valve may need a replacement part is if damage has occurred to the pipe or float.

AFL Oil Stop Valves can handle flow rates from 160 – 1400 GPM with a single OSV. In the case of higher flow rates, we can put several units in parallel to accommodate.

AFL offers the OSV units in 304 stainless steel and PVC.

Yes, we offer the standard and extended OSV units. If there is an application which requires more customization, AFL will build it to your specifications.

It is recommended to add the slave valve attachment in the event your OSV installation may experience leakage or evaporation, which may cause the float to close from lack of water. With the slave valve attachment installed, no human interaction is needed to ensure that the float rises once water re-enters the chamber.