Racking the PHI-PKG™ package units offers customers the ability to add active air purification to the largest commercial air handlers. See PKG Rack™ specification sheet for more information.

  • Reducing Odors – If your workplace smells like chemicals, food or mold, our system is designed to reduce those odors.
  • Help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses – Everyone is more careful about viruses and bacteria today. Clean the air in your workplace with our revolutionary system. PHI-PKG™ reduces the spread of pathogens in the air throughout your workplace.
  • Toxins and Pollutants – With the multitude of pollutants that can spread throughout your indoor air, you need an active process to combat them. PHI-PKG™ is designed to reduce these pollutants from the air we breathe every day. 
  • Office and Workplace Applications – Offices, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, assisted living facilities, warehouses, restaurants, and other places where large numbers of people congregate use our system to clean the indoor air for their employees and guests. Studies have shown that better air quality reduces absenteeism from work due to illness. They have also been linked to higher productivity.

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