• 5x more efficient Bio-reactor
  • Counter current advanced oxidation system
  •  Oil/water separation & collection
  • Flow rates up to 40 gpm
  •  High pressure delivery pump
  •  Self cleaning grass separation
  •  Low maintenance and operating costs
  •  UL 508A Panel Shop Certified
  • Golf courses
  • Landscape maintenance
  •  Agriculture
  • Universities
  • Government facilities
  • Sod farms
  •  Resorts
  •  Camp grounds
Model #  UAB-20  UAB-40
 DELIVERY RATE  20gpm @ 50psi 40gpm @ 50psi
 PROCESSED WATER STORAGE  400 gallons  400 gallons
 ELECTRICAL  230 VAC 20 A 1ph*  230VAC 30A 1ph*
 DIMENSIONS  Unit 58”W x 118”L x 98”H  Unit 58”w x 118”L x 98”H
 DIMENSIONS  Grass cart 33”W x 53”L x 29”H Grass cart 33”W x 53”L x 29”H
 GRASS CART CAPACITY  1/2 Cu yard, 1,200 lbs.  1/2 Cu yard, 1,200 lbs.
 WEIGHT (DRY)  1,600 lbs.  1,700 lbs.
 OXIDATION SYSTEM  Counter current Advanced Oxidation  Dual counter current Advanced Oxidation
 FILTRATION  25 Micron bag  25 Micron duel bag
 MATERIALS  Stainless steel, Aluminum, PVC (non-ferrous)  Stainless steel, aluminum, PVC (non-ferrous)
*Power consumption during continuous filtration as low as 1,930 watts

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