RGF Air Sensing Switch Kit (HLED-AS)

HALO-LED™ Installation Instructions with Variable Speed Blowers and Communicating Thermostats

When using the HALO-LED on an HVAC unit utilizing a variable speed fan or ramping motor with communicating thermostats, the RGF Air Sensing Switch Kit (HLED-AS) or equivalent may be used. The HALO-LED is designed to power on and off with the blower of the HVAC. Unlike the REME HALO®, the HALO-LED has a longer life with the power cycling on and off as needed. In order to tie the incoming power of the HALO-LED with the HVAC blower power, an air sensing switch may be used.

NOTE: This is only a recommended installation for the air sensing switch, all wiring must be done to comply with all pertinent local codes and regulations. To avoid injury or shock hazard, ensure power is disconnected from the HVAC unit prior to any electrical work being performed.

NOTE: Air switch must be mounted in a vertical orientation as idicated in illustration below.

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