ASHRAE Standard 170 ‘COVID-19 Guidance’ for Hospital Isolation Rooms

March 30, 2020 / Coronavirus

Technical Services Bulletin
ASHRAE Standard 170 ‘COVID-19 Guidance’ for Hospital Isolation Rooms

ASHRAE Standard 170 provides ventilation guidance for healthcare facilities, most importantly in the current coronavirus scenario, specific requirements for Airborne Infection Isolation (A.I.I.) rooms. ASHARE recently released a ‘COVID-19 Guidance’ document providing specific advice to hospitals and healthcare facilities designing isolation rooms to handle a potential surge in COVID-19 patients.

Download ASHRAE Standard 170 ‘COVID Guidance’ click here

RGF has a several FDA 510k registered, CDC compliant technologies to create patient isolation rooms in-line with ASHRAE standard 170 COVID guidance:

RGF’s Microcon® ExC7 is a self-contained, ceiling mounted HEPA filter module used for creating negative or positive isolation rooms. Connected directly to the Ecophan® or facility HVAC by a 12” inlet/outlet duct a constant flow of HEPA filtered air is created. The installation of our Microcon isolation room system within a healthcare facility is governed by ASHRAE 170.

RGF’s Isoport® is a customizable, modular patient isolation enclosure quickly assembled within the healthcare facility to create negative pressure. Combined with our Microcon® MAP filtration systems, the Isoport enables multiple isolation environments to be rapidly deployed to handle surge capacity.

RGF’s Microcon® MAP mobile air purifier is a stand-alone air circulation unit that can be fitted with a block-out kit to provide negative isolation pressure to existing patient rooms. Quickly deployed throughout the hospital, the Microcon MAP can also be used as a high capacity HEPA air scrubber to eliminate infectious airborne pathogens from the critical ‘breathing zone’ within a patient room.

Sample configuration for patient isolation using the Microcon ExC7 and Ecophan

Patient isolation example drawing

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