Poultry Case Study

October 12, 2015 /

Sunshine Farms Poultry – West Palm Beach, FL


Company was cited with the most health violations in South Florida in 1998.
USDA inspectors gave 90 days to come into compliance or close the doors.
275 laborers would lose jobs.
Company was fined for high BOD levels in discharge water.


Elevated bacteria levels in air handling systems and evaporator coils.
Elevated bacteria levels on conveyor belt surfaces.
Elevated bacteria levels on poultry product surfaces
Poor employee training and sanitation procedure.


Treated all incoming plant water with ozone and filtration.
Installed ozone/UV air systems in plant air ducts.
Installed ozone/UV air systems in process area.
Passed all product under ozone/UV photo-ionization system just prior to package sealing.
Installed ozone/UV photoionization systems over conveyor belt surfaces.
Used ozone charged water to rinse plant equipment, walls and floors.


Plant wide bacteria levels decreased over 90%.