Many in-duct air purification devices that rely on UV-based technology to operate, require routine replacement once they reach the manufacturer’s specified lifespan. The common lamp replacement cycle varies by model, with recommendations for 1 or 2-year intervals, corresponding to 9,000 and 18,000 hours, respectively. Adhering to these recommendations results in a more efficient air purifier or coil sanitation system. RGF is proud to manufacture our UV light systems in America, ensuring quality and availability.

The Lucidium Adapt is a true universal UV lamp replacement, designed to meet the needs of a broad array of UV products. Compatible with over 15 models from five different manufacturers, Adapt simplifies the UV cell replacement process for most commonly encountered in-duct air purifiers and coil sanitation systems. Engineered by RGF, Adapt ensures a streamlined replacement experience across leading in-duct IAQ products using 4-pin UV lamps. RGF takes pride in manufacturing our UV light systems in America, guaranteeing high quality and consistent availability.

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