When we set out to develop this innovative product, we researched the various applications and conditions to develop the best germicidal UV-C stick light on the market. How far did we go in the process, you ask? We found that the environment is very humid and we did not want it to short out. So all the electrical connections are IP 67 and totally waterproof. Also, there is a lot of dust and particles floating through the coil and we wanted to make sure they did not stick to the system as they would affect performance. So we used carbon impregnated, UV resistant components and tubing. We go the extra mile to make sure we build quality products that our customers can rely on for long-term performance.

For absolutely fresh air in your space, combine the BLU QR® with our other products, like the REME-HALO® or HALO-LED™ in-duct systems.

Why it matters:

Indoor air quality is more polluted than outdoor air quality. There are contaminants that cannot be filtered by traditional filtration techniques. They can accumulate over time. Bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other toxins are too small to be captured by traditional filtration methods. Some of them can pass through a HEPA filter and make their way to your coil.

If your coil gets contaminated with mold and biofilm, it can affect performance, causing you to spend more money to run the system.

In addition, in the air flowing through your coil can carry contaminants into the living space.

As a homeowner, building owner or contractor, you want to make sure that the system you install is working at its best and that you are getting all the benefits of your new air conditioning system. Not to mention, it’s a cost-effective addition that has great economic benefits for your system.

For decades germicidal UV-C light has been used for its antimicrobial effect.  Installing a BLU QR® on your air conditioning coil gives you the following benefits:

  • Kills mold, mildew and bacteria on the coils
  • Cost effective
  • Easy installation with four mounting options
  • Countdown Day Timer indicates UV lamp replacement
  • Quick release UV lamp replacement
  • Small U Bracket Footprint for tight fitting installations
  • Reduces air conditioner maintenance
  • Helps air conditioner operate more energy efficiently and can extend the life your unit 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Helps reduce musty, mildewy odors inside the home

BLU QR® is great for any air conditioner with condenser coils where you want fresh air, less maintenance and more efficient unit operation.

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness studios
  • Schools
  • Nursing homes or assisted living facilities
  • Day care centers
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals
Model # BLU-QR BLU-QR2
Technology UV Light UV Light
Recommended Lamp Replacement 1 year 2 year
Replacement Lamp Part # BQR+141Y BQR+142Y
Warranty 1 year (U.S. only) 2 year (U.S. only)
Volts 24 VAC
Amps 0.65 A
Watts 15 W
Installation Air handler coil compartment with multiple installation options including magnetic mount
Material Aluminum / Polymers
Dimensions 18”L x 3”W x 3”H
Ship Weight 1 lb.

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