Easily installed outside isolation rooms, operating from a single power source, the ACCUSTAT®-ST provides reliable, continuous room pressure readings. A large lighted digital display identifies instantaneous sub-fractional pressure changes when compared to the adjoining areas. Pressure readings are accurate to within .001” W.G. with audible and visual alarms identifying unsatisfactory conditions. All ACCUSTAT® models utilize a highly sensitive pressure transducer eliminating the varying inconsistencies of “airflow” monitors.

ACCUSTAT®-BMS Directly interfaces with the Building Management System through a 4-20mA analog output, along with offering the same ST features.

ACCUSTAT®-PR Used to directly control isolation room fan filter units through a wired 4-20mA analog output, along with offering the same ST features.

Portable room pressure monitor offers the same ST features, housed in a durable carry case. The P2 offers 48 hours of operation on a single battery charge and the carry case neatly accommodates accessories. The P2 provides instantaneous isolation room pressure readings, unparalleled accuracy with ease of operation in a fully portable unit.

  • Highly sensitive pressure transducer
  • Accurate to 0.001” W.G.
  • Backlit, large scale (LCD) digital display
  • User alarm set point
  • Audible and LED alarms
  • Continuous monitoring of room pressure
  • Temperature compensation
  • Four models ST/BMS/PR/P2 for variety of applications
  • Hospital isolation rooms
  • Bone Marrow Suites
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Clean Rooms
  • Museum Artifact Remediation
  • Emergency Rooms
  • HVAC Systems
  • Research Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Schools and Universities
  • Construction & Renovation

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