The MICROCON™ CD and PD share the same three stage progressive filter system. The first stage is a 1″ synthetic pre-filter designed to contain larger size airborne particles thereby extending the life of the HEPA filter. The secondary filter is a hospital-grade, high efficiency HEPA filter capable of removing >99% of airborne particles in the sub-micron range. Since the removal of gas phase pollutants require a different capture mechanism a unique activated carbon composite cell is utilized as the last stage which allows for higher adsorbent loading at a lower pressure drop than comparable activated carbon cells. The germicidal UV lamps add another dimension to air purification.

  • 99.7% efficiency on sub-micron particles
  • Progressive filtration system
  • Controls both airborne participate and gas-phase pollutants
  • Mounts flush with ceiling
  • Multidirectional exhaust louvers
  • Baked on white enamel finish
Weight MICROCON™ CD – 125 lbs. total weight ( All Filters and Chassis )
Air Delivery Variable speed 450 cfm to 800 cfm (27,000 to 48,000 cubic feet per hour)
Input Voltage- 120VAC@ 50/60Hz, 1Phase 2.4A max. ,typical 240 Watts
Input Voltage- 230VAC@50/60Hz, 1Phase 1.05A max. ,typical 240 Watts UV (optional) 100-250VAC@50/60Hz, Typ.80Watts Low Voltage Power-Relay Control (optional) Typical (24VDC @ 50ma. max) External Power Mod or Internal Power Module (Optional)100-250VAC Input to Module – Output 24VDC Typ. 2 Watts max
Clearances Check available space above the ceiling (min 20”) Swing down door requires 24” clearance
Dimensions (W) 23.625” (L) 47.625” (D) 18.5”-(20”eye-bolts) Eye-bolt pattern – 21 ¼” X 38 ¾” (540mm x 984mm)
Agency Approvals Designed to Pending ETL – USA and Canada (UL507 and CSA C22.2) requirements
Filter Configuration  
Stage 1 (pre-filter) Synthetic Poly Pre-Filter
Stage 2 (particulate filter) HEPA Filter
Stage 3 (gas phase) Activated Carbon Pleated Filter
Purification: 2x 25W Germicidal UV Lamps
Purification 2 x 25W Germicidal UV Light

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