The MICROCON MAP intakes air from the top of the unit in a 360 degree direction from within the “breathing zone”. This zone measures anywhere from 3 ft. to 7 ft. from floor level. Eliminating sub-micron size infectious airborne particles from this zone reduces airborne microbial migration and the risk of inhalation. MICROCON MAP includes pre-filter and medical grade HEPA filter as standard, with UV-C germicidal light and activated carbon as options for additional air treatment.
Available in two models, the MICROCON MAP400 and MAP800 both meet CDC guidelines for airborne infectious pathogen control in healthcare facilities. The addition of a ‘vent block-out kit’ allows for CDC compliant creation of negative or positive pressure isolation rooms in compliance with CDC guidelines.

  • 360° Air intake and exhaust
  • Air change capacity
  • Breathing zone filtration
  • Certified HEPA filtration
  • Portability Modular design
  • Safe filter replacement
  • Temporary isolation room unit

Epidemiology Infection Control

– Airborne Infectious Diseases
– Airborne Infection Patient Isolation
– Infection Control for Healthcare Workers

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