Ol-024 Secondary Containment Skid  Sq. ft.
Ol-025 Vapor Tight Lighting  Sq. ft.
Ol-026 Auto Entry Added to Vapor
Tight Lighting (per door) Auto
Ol-027 Entry Electrical Ventilation System  each
Ol-029 R12 Vinyl Sided Insulation Package  Sq. ft.
Ol-030 Thermostatic Electric Heater for Equipment Room  each
Ol-031 A /C & Heater Unit for Chemical Storage room  each
Ol-032 8’6” Wide Interior Separation Wall  each
Ol-033 3’-0” Key Locking Metal Door  each
Ol-034 3’-0” Key Locking Metal Louvered Door  each
Ol-035 Emergency Panic Bar Door release  each
Ol-036 Emergency Eye Wash and Shower  each
Ol-037 18” wide Corrosion Resistant Shelving  foot
Ol-038 18” wide Metal Grate Shelf System  foot
Ol-039 Canopy Roof System (Kit)  Sq. ft.
Ol-040 Recycle System Install Package (includes 100 A Panel)  Each
Ol-041 Custom Exterior Color  Sq. ft.
Ol-042 Containment Sump Leak Alarm  
Ol-043 Paint Interior Walls White  Sq. ft.
Ol-044 Upgrade Steel Floor Grating to Fiberglass  Sq. ft.

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