• RGF is the recognized leader with thousands of systems installed world wide since 1985.
  • RGF has the best warranty in the business.
  • Zero discharge closed loop system encouraged by the E.P.A.
  • No sewer connection required. No NPDES permits needed.
  • Totally non-ferrous-no rust or corrosion.
  • Our unique Catalytic Oxidation Process eliminates the use of chlorine or floccing chemicals for odor control.
  • Components are color impregnated & UV protected to eliminate maintenance painting.
  •  Pre-wired, fully automatic easy to use and versatile.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Built in water management and wash/rinse capabilities.
  • UL-508A Panel Shop Certified
  • All filters and separators contain an oil & solids purge system to extend filter life and reduce maintenance.
  • Installation, maintenance and operation manual included.

This WM-XL wash system is intended for very heavy duty users such as:

  •  Military bases
  • Solid waste haulers
  • Truck & tractor repair shops
  • Bus companies
  • Municipal and state garages
  • Construction companies
  •  City/County transportation
  • Mining materials companies
Model #  WM-XL
 Dimensions: CCC-400  48” W x 48”L x 124”H
 Gravity Bag Filter  35”W x 35”L x 40”H
 Process Tank  35”W x 35”L x 40”H
 Storage Tank  56” DIA x 84”H
 Equipment Stand  48”W x 48”L x 84”H
 Flow Rate  20 GPM
 Electrical Requirements  220V-30A-1 Phase
 Weight (approx.)  1,966 lbs.
 CFC System Pump  ½ hp Circulation
 Processing Pump  ½ hp Centrifugal
 Valves  PVC Ball
 Tubing  UV Protected PVC & Poly
 Storage Tank  850 GAL. Poly Tank
 Process Tank  550 GAL. Poly Tank
 Hydrocarbon Accumulator  40 Gal. Poly Tank
 Auto Oil Skimmer  PVC Adjustable
 Hydrocarbon Absorber  Poly Housing & HCA3 Filter
 Polishing Filter (3)  Poly-Pro Housing & 25M Filter
 XL UV/O3 Catalytic Chamber  Krypton/Quartz
 Item #  Description
 TA-032  12’L Removable steel weir
OP-048 Heavy duty processing sump

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