Wounded Veterans Relief Fund

RGF is proud to partner with the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund!

Through our Halos for Heroes partnership, RGF will donate a portion of sales from our most popular indoor air quality (IAQ) products for a specified period of time to the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund (the REME HALO® In-Duct Air Purifier, BLU QR® UV stick light, and the RGFClear Sky DM and RGFClear Sky MS). It is our sincere hope that with our support and others in the community, we can ensure that veterans are getting the assistance they need.

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund (WVRF) provides various types of support throughout the state of Florida including housing, utilities and transportation. They also help veterans find resources, services, partnerships and discounts that are available to them. It is their mission to provide emergency financial support for qualified disabled post-9/11 Florida veterans.