Microcon™ 600-AS air filtration systems can be used in any indoor environment where
heavy airborne particles are a problem. Combining a HEPA (H13 rated) filter at 600 CFM
with optional installation of REME HALO® or HALO LED™ offers a flexible use, portable air
scrubbing solution in any space.

Microcon™ 600-AS offers two-stage filtration contained and protected in a durable steel
box with handles and wheels. In stage-one, a foam pre-filter captures large size airborne
particulate matter. The second stage HEPA (H13) filter traps more of the harmful and
irritating ultrafine particulate like mold spores and hazardous dust. When operated
with the optional REME® Cell technology, the Microcon™ 600-AS actively reduces
airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, odor and VOCs throughout the entire treated space.

• Standalone HEPA air scrubber during construction and restoration projects
• Airborne mold and odor removal from indoor grow facilities
• Portable / versatile design suits wide variety of airborne dust applications
• HEPA filter with washable pre-filter and optional activated carbon
• 600 CFM capacity provides high air changes in most facilities
• Knock-out included for easy installation of REME HALO® or HALO LED™ air purifier

Dimensions: 14.5”W x 27.5”H
Motor/Fan: Designed for continuous operation
Run tested for 50,000+ hours
Coverage: 36,000 cu. ft. (1 ACH)
Intake: 8” Duct Collar
Outtake: 8” Duct Collar
INLET / OUTLET: Protective Cover
Weight: 46 lbs.
Air Flow: 600 C.F.M.
Electrical: 120V/225W
Replacement Filter Kit Part# FL-HEPA
(includes: 1x HEPA Filter and 3x Pre-filter)

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