RGF® Environmental Group Air Purifier Installations Evaluated in a Study by Brown University School of Public Health

October 24, 2023 / Press Release

Port of Palm Beach, FL (October 24, 2023) RGF® Environmental Group, Inc. PHI-Cell® air purifiers were included in an independent study by a team of researchers from the Brown University School of Public Health. Their findings showed the RGF® PHI-Cell® air purifiers were associated with a positive impact on the number of COVID-19 cases experienced within nursing homes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, RGF® Environmental Group’s PHI-Cell® in-duct air purifiers were installed by Smart Air Care in 81 nursing homes in the southeast US. In the study, Brown researchers used public data to compare trends in weekly COVID-19 cases and deaths before and after installation of the PHI-Cell® air purification systems at these 81 nursing homes.

The findings showed that, compared to pre-installation, weekly COVID-19 cases per 1,000 residents were lower in the post-installation period. Cases declined immediately after installation and then continued to decline over time.

Their research paper, titled ‘The Benefits of Nursing Home Air Purification on COVID-19 Outcomes: A Natural Experiment,’ has been published by The Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, a peer-reviewed journal.

Dr James Marsden, Executive Director of Science and Technology at RGF® Environmental Group commented on the study, “The Covid Pandemic was particularly devastating for nursing home residents. The study conducted by the Brown University School of Public Health demonstrated that RGF’s PHI technology was associated with preventing Covid cases in nursing home environments. The study provides valuable insight into how nursing homes can be designed to effectively protect their residents from all types of microbiological hazards.”

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RGF® manufactures over 500 environmental products and has a 38+ year history of providing effective solutions that improve air, water, and food quality without the use of chemicals. RGF® is an ISO 9001:2015 certified research and innovation company, holding numerous patents for wastewater treatment systems, air purifying devices, and food sanitation systems. Situated in the heart of the Port of Palm Beach Enterprise Zone, RGF® Headquarters span 10 acres, with 200,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse, and office facilities. RGF® ’s Lakeland, FL facility adds over 40,000 square feet for backup production and lamp production. RGF® continues to upgrade its facilities, creating an increased vertical approach to manufacturing, further allowing the company to provide the highest quality and best-engineered products on the market.

About Brown University School of Public Health
The Brown University School of Public Health’s multi-disciplinary team was led by scholars from the Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation, which focuses on interventional research that improves care for people receiving post-acute and long-term care, and the Center for Children’s Environmental Health, which conducts research related to environmental pollutants and other exposures, usually related to children. For more information, visit brown.edu/go/innovation and https://epidemiology.sph.brown.edu/research/centers/cceh

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